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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Never look back, walk tall, act fine

For over a year now, a Yellow Skirt has been roaming the globe. 
Flying between Australia and New Zealand, America and Canada, with a stop-over in Italy and a holiday in Cuba, she has travelled widely, and enjoyed many adventures.

And now she's landed in the middle of the UK - with me! 

Don't let me hear you say life's taking you nowhere.

TYS - on loan
1980s silk blouse - vintage shop
Shoe boots, fishnets and bangles - charity shopped
Hat fascinator - gift from Patsy
Cancer zodiac pendant - gift from Vix
Orange flower - gift from Melanie
Smug look of infinite disdain and superiority - made by me

The Yellow Skirt brings sunshine with it.
She demands confidence.

No point being afraid of bold colour or high visibility.

Embrace the freakery...

the saucery...

 and the sisterhood.

 I'll stick with you, baby, for a thousand years...


Nothing's gonna touch you...

in these golden years.

Linking to Judith's Hat Attack, while awaiting directions for the Travelling Yellow Skirt's next destination.

Thanks, of course, go to Melanie and Sarah, who set the Travelling Yellow Skirt Freak Show in motion, and to all the other bloggers who have worn her so wonderfully well.
These are our golden years; why waste them?


Monday, 9 December 2013

Blue blue, electric blue

After a busy day at work on Saturday (it's going fine, thanks for asking), I had a more leisurely time of it yesterday.

I know, I know. 
That coat and that waistcoat again
I'm not apologising any more for their repeated appearances. They're my favourites; whaddayagonnado?

I need no encouragement at all to support small, independent and local traders. And when there is a vintage and craft market in my local area, which is calling itself the Sheffield Antiques Quarter these days, I am more than happy to browse and do some Christmas shopping. 

The market was fun, and I actually managed to tick several friends off my gift-buying list.
Even better, some of the stalls were in the Abbeydale Picture House. It's another iconic Sheffield building that I have only ever been in once before.

It's thoroughly dilapidated, but still atmospheric in its ruined grandeur.

 It would beat going to a multiplex any day, but the resources needed to renovate the building are huge. 

 There was a massive pile of dusty seats...

...and gorgeous architectural details.

Saturday night at the movies was rather more sumptuous, back in Picture House's heyday.

1980s Windsmoor skirt and 1970s blouse - Ebay
Waistcoat, beret and bangles - charity shopped
Ankle boots - community fair
Tights - no idea, I didn't even remember I had them
Rudolph necklace - Patti's giveaway
Faux fur coat - vintage fair

I loved this 1950s singles case...

...which was still full of an eclectic mix of 1950-60s records, including Frank Sinatra, Cliff Richard and the Rolling Stones. And Wink Martindale. Of course.

As I walked home, the sky was doing all sorts of dramatic things...

...which led to the most beautiful sunset.


I'm doing the killer shift tomorrow, finishing at 11.15pm.  I may well not be smiling by that stage.

There's socialising as well as work planned this week. The Ladies' Purse are in quizzing action to celebrate Sue's birthday on Wednesday, and my friend Alison has invited a bunch of us round on Friday, with the exhortation to wear something sparkly. I'm fairly sure I can manage that!

What have you got planned for the week? 


Thursday, 23 May 2013

It's different for girls

With characteristic lack of foresight, I chose to wear a swirly whirly twirly dress yesterday, just as the wind was getting up and the chances of flashing my granny pants increased...

Well might I look a little sheepish.

I don't think I was too embarrassing, a bit of billowing about the nether portions never hurt anyone, did it?

This is another easy (breezy...) dress which I wear a lot. 

I usually pair it with a cardigan to pull in the silhouette, but this time I layered it over a blouse.

This photo demonstrates why I usually streamline the dress with something fitted over the top; it has rather an old-school maternity smock look about it. Not sure that's a look I want. You know, being as I'm not pregnant.

Equally, there is something slightly schoolgirlish about it too.
A soon-to-be-49 year old pregnant schoolgirl.



Funnily enough, the dress and the ruffles of the blouse underneath called to mind this photo - me in 1971, aged 7.

1970s Lerose maxi dress - Ebay
Sheer blouse - jumble sale
Denim jacket, sunglasses, shoes and bangles - charity shopped 
Pendant - gift from Vanessa

I was overjoyed to receive this 1960-70s Lord Python Sheffield-made stainless steel pendant, a gift from darling Vanessa of Two Squirrels Vintage. She found it in her jewellery collection and felt it should return to its city of origin, so she sent it back to live with me!

Thank you, Miss V - I love it!

Look, a breezy, over-exposed outtake.

Never mind the answer, my friends - the washing, my dress, my hair and the cherry blossom are blowing in the wind.

So while I am considering friendship, women, kindness, schoolgirls and childhood in this post, can I also bend your collective ear for a moment?

I don't write all that much about my kids on this blog. Sure, they do feature on it but really, it's supposed to be all about me round here. Oh, they pop up from time to time, passing references and photos, we do live together and hang out, and they're pretty much central to my life.

But I never had any interest in being a Mummy blogger.
Those teeth-achingly saccharine accounts of the achievements, cuteness and oh-so-hilarious doings of someone else's offspring... Nah, not for me. The stories and comments I share about my kids are more likely to be of the bloody hell, they're driving me bonkers, the little buggers variety.
I don't always find my children fascinating, so why should you?

But please bear with me while I tell you something about my Eldest.
Our personalities are very similar in many ways, hence we butt heads from time to time. We are both stubborn, pedantic, think we are always right, and like the last word.
But just recently, I have realised that for all our shared traits, we are also very different.

She's better than me.

She's less judgmental, more tolerant, more forgiving.
She doesn't bear grudges (I am an Olympic-standard grudge bearer.)
She's calmer in the face of the bad behaviour of others.
She doesn't make a fuss.

Dammit, she's a better grown-up than I am, and I am both astonished and proud. Really proud.

She's got chocolate cake mixture on her face here. Bloody hell, she even makes better chocolate muffins than I do.

Most of us know how mean girls can be - at 11, or any other age. How is it that girls/women can develop and sustain the most wonderfully supportive relationships, yet at other times treat each other with such unkindness?

Eldest has had a tricky time lately, due to a friend being mean to her. Mean, manipulative, controlling, unkind, and rude. These are not the characteristics of a friend in my book. But after a mum-to-mum conversation (I had to, the behaviour was too bad to overlook and leave unchallenged) and some discussion, she decided to forgive her friend, and carry on as normal. No judgment, no grudge, no payback, no fuss.

I couldn't do that. She's nicer than I am.

So I am contemplating what I can learn from my girl, and what we can tell each other about friendship. We'd both love to hear your thoughts and experiences, either from your own childhood/adolescence, or from a parent's perspective.

I'll stop now.
Thanks for listening.

My next post will be all about secondhand shopping and frocks, I promise!


Friday, 8 February 2013

Taking a short cut

I have cracked on with some sewing this week.

Nothing major - nothing made entirely from scratch, all by me - not yet.

That will come.

No, this week has been about mending and altering.

I bought this fabulously jazzy 1970s skirt from Ebay ages ago. It was a maxi, and I loved the look of it,  but unfortunately discovered, on the first and only time I wore it, that the bottom was so narrow I couldn't walk in it.

Well, I couldn't stride - I could walk, but only if I took tiny, dainty steps like a Geisha, which is no good to me when we are late for school and there are hills to be stomped up at great speed, children carried along in my slipstream

So I chopped off the bottom (having failed to take a photo of it at its original length, sorry) and then it languished in my mending pile for months.

You can probably see that I was a lazy sew-and-sew and having hemmed the pale grey lining, I didn't bother changing the thread on the machine to whizz round the skirt hem.

And it shows.

Oh well. I am treating it as a design feature.

Despite my rather slapdash approach, the skirt is now wearable (and walkable-in) so I wore it 2 days running.

1970s skirt and boots - Ebay
Black long sleeved top - retail, very very old
Belt, cardigan, tights, brooch and bangles - charity shopped
Pendant - car boot

1980s pussy bow blouse - gift from dearest Tamera
Belt and bangles - charity shopped
Boots - community fair
Tights - retail
1960s Weymouth vinyl bag - Ebay

My charity shop luck may still be in the doldrums, but I am doing better on Ebay - this beauty of a 1960s vinyl shopper cost 99p!


I have taken this 1960s floral dress in and up (above left, looking odd with the orange tights and ankle boots, but I couldn't be bothered changing for the purposes of the photo! It was a gift last year from lovely Liz); I removed the turtle neck from the groovy print maxi (above right); as well establishing my soon-to-be-patented Highly Visible Hemming (HVH) technique on the skirt, and mending various rips and fallen hems.

I've been busy!
Next project - making a skirt. 

I am a bit scared I will cock it up and waste my fabric, but I have to start somewhere, right?

I'm about to catch up on your fabulous blogs, and I think a self-congratulatory glass or two of wine may be in order later this evening.
Have a wonderful weekend!