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Thursday, 14 February 2013

The power of love

Those who have been reading my blog for a while might guess (correctly) that I am not much interested in Valentine's Day.

I'm not a very romantic person...

However, if it involves dressing up and wearing a wig, I'll have a crack at a Valentine-themed post with the best of you!

And this is what happens when you find a 1980s leather pencil skirt in a charity shop for a fiver, and then hear Jennifer Rush belting out The Power of Love on the radio...

Blame Radio 2 and St. Luke's hospice charity shop.

I have never owned a leather skirt before, but I am quite taken with this one.

I discovered it is possible to wear it without looking like an escapee from a 1980s music video after all.

You live and learn.

1980s leather skirt, sheer purple blouse, belt and sequin beret - charity shopped
Boots - Ebay
Houndstooth cape - gift from The Velvet Goddess Sarah
Tights - retail (sale)
Gloves - gift

I had a lovely morning in Chesterfield with bessie mate Joanne.
I had made the classic mistake of changing bags at the last minute and managed to leave my purse at home, so she had to fund my shopping...

Now that's love!

I, or rather Joanne, bought fabric (I've been sewing!) and a cute vintage skirt, currently in the wash.

 The fruits of my sewing labours will be revealed soon.


The fruits of my dressing up are ready for viewing now!

What is it with me and wigs? I always go a bit bonkers when I wear one...

1980s leather batwing top (aka Bonnie Tyler) - bought from 80s Karaoke Queen Sarah
Sparkly tights/fishnet tights, shoe boots, necklaces, bangles and sunnies - charity shopped
Vintage pearl necklace - gift from Valentine Supermodel Tamera
Leopard print trilby - Ebay
Wig - car boot sale

I don't believe in soul mates, in One True Love, or Eternal Love.

I appreciate the mythical beauty of Plato's vision of humans split asunder, but I don't believe we are walking the earth in desperate search for our lost half who will make us whole.

I think we make the best relationships we can with those who are available to us, and that we have a better chance of doing so if we feel pretty complete just as we are.

Sharing a life, and love, with anyone else is a bonus.

 But I can enjoy a power ballad as much as all you romantic souls, so go on, sing along as loud as you can - you'll be glad you did!



Saturday, 5 May 2012

You've done it all, you've broken every code

                                            I very nearly had a most unusual experience on Friday.

                               I almost made it through a charity shopping trip without buying anything.

That might well have been a first. Of course, I didn't manage to come home empty-handed, I never do. Two Jackie annuals caught my eye at £1 each, what was I supposed to do?

I have to say the contents don't bear much scrutiny, despite the nostalgia factor. There are some bands mentioned which I barely even remember (Flintlock? Dead End Kids?) among the features on David Essex, Bay City Rollers, Leo Sayer and Mud. Anyone thinking the 1970s were cool might want to reconsider after flicking through these books!

I remember loving the fashion illustrations, without realising at the time that the "models" had ridiulously impossible proportions.

The 1970s equivalent of airbrushing! Mind you, if you check out the photos of delicious Desiree in her latest post, you'll see some lucky ladies do have legs a mile long!

My frock today isn't from the 1970s, I would say it's early 80s, judging by the wrapover style, batwing sleeves and tulip shape.

I bought the dress to sell, not expecting this shape to work for me. I thought it would over-emphasise my hips, but actually I think it's quite flattering.

                                     The print is pretty too. But I do feel a little exposed in wrap dresses...

                         God only knows what my left leg is doing in this shot, it's at a most unnatural angle!

1980s Cockney Rebel wrap dress (£4.50), sequin beret (£1) bangles (50p-£1) and sparkly tights (50p) - all charity shopped; suede ankle boots (£6.40) - Ebay; necklace - my Mum's; 

                                             Inspired by my Jackie annuals and the label in my frock -

I'll leave you with Steve Harley in his bare-chested 1975 pomp, and wish you a happy Bank Holiday weekend!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Living in a powder keg and giving off sparks

In the gorgeous Sarah Misfit's recent garage sale, I was lucky enough to score Bonnie Tyler.

Woo hoo!

So I'm paying a little bit of homage to Stevie Nicks' song Leather and Lace ("I have my own life. And I am stronger than you know" - isn't she wonderful?)

Leather batwing top (Sarah's garage sale); black lace skirt (charity shop, £3.99); tights, shoe boots, belt and trashy jewellery (cheap cheap cheap from charity shops); Chronic Bitchface - caught it from the Mistress, La Misfit. I actually look as though I am peeking up my own skirt. Who wouldn't?

Rock chick, oh yes indeed. Fenn Wright and Manson silk palazzo pants (new with tags, £6 from Chesterfield flea market)

        But I think we need to hear from the lady herself, Neath's finest.

                Take it away, Bonnie - "Turn around..."