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Friday, 14 June 2013

My darling Clementine

My alter ego, Mme le Derriere, is rather a monster. 

She's rude, egocentric, a hypocrite, a snob, and a bully.

Is it bad that I rather like being her, now and again?

My Clementine photo shoot for this month's amazing edition of Vogoff  (thank you, Melanie, you did a brilliant job putting it all together) was done on location at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, seat of the Duke of Devonshire. 

I cavorted about in the grounds of the estate, much to the incomprehension of the resident sheep, passing dog walkers and ramblers, and the coach parties arriving for their visit to one of the finest stately homes in England. 

I blame these two...

... Joanne and Sue, chauffeur and PA respectively.

Sue brought a bag of props...

... made me do this face repeatedly...


...and played her role as the hapless Jacinta, downtrodden and put-upon PA, to absolute perfection.

That's right, dear - once you've kissed my arse, you'd better dust it.

Clementine is a strict and demanding employer.

Ahh, what it is to have a country retreat where one can escape the rigours of city life and enjoy the rural idyll.

I posed on the folly...


...pulled faces while using multiple props...

...with many feathers...

...and made Art, darling.

Clementine does like to toot her own horn.

We had such a good laugh, despite the freezing cold and windswept conditions.


No one really knows how hard it is being Clementine.

The Dream Team in the Tunnel of Love.

Thanks, ladies, I couldn't have done it without you.

1950s brocade jacket - Second to None
1980s taffeta maxi skirt - gift from fabulous Cover Girl Shelley 
Shoes and bangles - charity shopped
Mini hat - gift 
Feather boa, parasol, telephone receiver, frame, horn and peacock feathers - loaned by Sue
Feather duster - Clementine's own


The End.


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

You may not be an old-fashioned girl, but you're gonna get dated

After all the excitement and treats of last week, things are a little quieter around here.

Which is OK. I need to get my breath back.

Of course, there is the new edition of Vogoff to enjoy.

So many wonderful contributions. 

Melanie, hard working assistant to the tyrannical Editor-in-Chief Miz Bagg, has done an amazing job; check out the awesomeness, marvel at the beauty, style and great foolishness!
I did enjoy doing my photo shoot as Clementine, I laughed so much that half the photos were unusable.
I might even show you some of the outtakes, wouldn't that be a treat?
1950s Hawaiian dress - flea market
Sequin top - jumble sale 
(Total cost of these 2 items - under £2!)
Pendant and bangles - charity shopped
Sandals - retail
There's my garden goddess statue. My blogger pal Secret Squirrel asked me if she has a name, but she doesn't. 
I googled goddess of the garden and came across a Roman goddess called Horta; I could go with that, but it sounds redolent of other, less horticultural connotations... 


I went to nine charity shops this morning with my mate Jo - count them, NINE - and only found one little thing, which is intended as a gift for someone. 

How did that happen?
Yesterday was slightly better.

I found a third 1960s vanity case - in the same charity shop as the other two - so now I have a red, white and blue set. They were all different prices, which made me laugh (£3, £3.50 and £4, if you're interested).

The pressed glass jar with a silver plate lid (1930-40s, maybe?) just appealed and has a little collection of hat pins in it. (£2.)

The patchwork print fabric is a 1970s homemade dress which has lost its elastic and looks rather odd, but I have hopes of being able to fashion something out of it. Don't know what yet, but the fabric was too good to leave behind. (£3.)

Our lawn is scattered with dandelions and daisies, I like them.

And that's all I've got.

See, told you I was feeling quiet this week. 

Linking up with Max's Op-shop Show-off.


Sunday, 16 December 2012

Let's get busy

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend, all lovely stuff.

Bright brights to combat the winter gloom.

On Friday night, I went out to a cabaret evening to celebrate the birthdays of two friends, Sue and Chris.

Trace and Sue.
Sue, Joanne and me.
Chris and Trace.
I tried to take a few photos but most were horribly blurred, so you will just have to imagine the tap-dancing turkeys, drunk Santa in a shopping trolley, and the fire juggling.
This is Sister Ruth the flatulent nun on her mobility piano, and the rocking band who finished the evening. I was a bit jealous of all the jiving, lindy-hopping folk tearing up the dance floor. 


my sister and her partner arrived for the rest of the weekend.

We took in a jumble sale (which was crap), went into town to do a last bit of Christmas shopping, had coffee, enjoyed the lights, and went out for a delicious dinner at our favourite Chinese restaurant.

That's my sister with the girls, posing with a strange pirate figure. It's obviously a genetic thing, we can't help pulling faces.

Then back to ours for more beers and karaoke, hurray!
Seldom Seen Kid refused to participate. 
Most of the photos aren't fit to be seen, but the girls loved it, when they could wrest the microphones off the adults...

auntie and uncle were kind enough to take the kids out to the park, while Other Half slept off his hangover, and I cooked a big roast dinner and the best apple crumble ever. 
No really - it was.

We put the tree up this evening, scrabbled around doing last minute homework, waved goodbye to our lovely family, and I have been wrapping presents since the kids went to bed.

I'm knackered!
But it's been great.

1960s Tom Jones for California maxi dress - vintage fair
Cardigan and bangle - charity shops
Boots - Ebay
Brooch - gift from my-angel-is-a-centrefold Sarah 
If you haven't already seen it, check out the marvellous Melanie's post here featuring the December edition of her online magazine Vogoff.
You may recognise some of the contributors.
It's absolutely fabulous, darlings!

Hope you have had a successful weekend, whatever you've been up to!